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SPRING 24 UPDATES: We are updating our website. Please use the search bar if you can’t find the information you need or contact SCSP to make recommendations for updates.

Training for Education Settings

Welcome to the Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) Education Training for Schools and Other Education Settings.

The way you book onto the Safeguarding Children training courses has changed.  We now have a new online booking system which will enable you to book Safeguarding Children in Education courses direct.  You will get the most accurate information about course content and availability on dates for courses when you register/log-in.

Explore the available training opportunities here.

Please click on the Education Settings tab on the purple bar at the top of the Welcome page.  Multi-agency courses and workshops are also available to book using the booking system.

Training information for schools and colleges:

Whole-setting Safeguarding Children in Education course (3 yearly) - a course for all staff in one setting; use this application form to request: Whole-setting Basic Safeguarding Children in Education Training Request Form, March 23.  Settings are able to choose whether the preference is for face to face or virtual delivery.  Preferences will be accommodated wherever possible.

Please note the Basic Centralised Safeguarding Children in Education course is bookable using the online booking system which is accessible using the link above.

You can locate the safeguarding children training pathway in the mustard feature box on the left hand side of the screen.

Other training for education settings:

Some training required by safeguarding staff in education settings is delivered elsewhere. To find out more, follow these links:


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