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Training for Education Settings

In response to feedback for the academic year 2022-23 we will be delivering a combination of VIRTUAL and FACE to FACE safeguarding children training.  Please see individual training course information for further details.

All training from the Local Authority in Sheffield follows the current national guidance and the local Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) guidance. These documents are available on the right side of this page.

This section outlines the safeguarding children training available from the Quality Assurance and Involvement Service (QAIS), Sheffield City Council and the Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) for Sheffield education settings.

If you follow the training pathway below or in the mustard column on the right of this page you should find the relevant courses and application forms in each section. All school staff in Early Years and Foundation Stage should follow this training pathway.

Alternative Education Providers (SCC):

If you are one of the Alternative Education Providers contracted to Sheffield City Council, please follow these links for further information about safeguarding support and training for you: Alternative Education Providers (SCC) Training

Training information for schools and colleges:

Other training for education settings:

Some training required by safeguarding staff in educations settings is delivered elsewhere. To find out more, follow these links:

You can also click on one of the titles below to take you to the training pathway for your safeguarding role:

All staff with regular child contact

Designated Safeguarding Leads & Deputies

Heads & Safeguarding Governors

Pastoral, support staff & SENCo's

Online-Safety Coordinators

LAC Designated Teacher


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