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Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership

SPRING 24 UPDATES: We are updating our website. Please use the search bar if you can’t find the information you need or contact SCSP to make recommendations for updates.

About Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership

Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership replaced Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board 

The Local Safeguarding Arrangements Plan sets out how arrangements now work in Sheffield. 

Our Vision  

  • Every child and young person in Sheffield should be able to grow up free from the fear of abuse or neglect.
  • We are committed to improving the safety of all children and young people in Sheffield. If children are not safe, they cannot be healthy, happy, achieve or reach their full potential. We recognise and promote the concept that keeping children safe is everybody’s responsibility.

Our Values

  • Safeguarding partners in Sheffield are committed to delivering their vision according to a set of agreed values and principles, and these govern the work of the whole Partnership:
  • The child is at the heart of everything we do
  • Sharing information between partners, and operating with trust and openness
    Continuous learning and the flexibility to evolve the Partnership as needs change
  • Ensuring everyone has a voice, including children, young people and families
  • Partners taking ownership and responsibility
  • Strong communication and engagement within the Partnership, with clear roles and
  • Excellent integration between adults and children’s safeguarding
  • Ensuring a balance of respect for individual organisations and appropriate challenge
  • Ensuring alignment, connection and learning across the Partnership – a ‘golden thread’ from the Strategic Board, through the subgroups to the front line
  • Ensuring involvement and focus on front line practitioners
  • Keeping a preventative mind-set and adopting a ‘Think Family’ approach
  • Joint priority setting across partner agencies

‘So called’ Conversion Practices Position Statement

Research shows that conversion practices are strongly linked to adverse mental health outcomes, including depression, increased substance abuse, attempts to die by suicide, and other serious concerns. Qualitative studies have found that people who have undergone conversion practices attribute such feelings to the conversion practices they were subjected to.

The following position statement:

  • Sets out Sheffield Safeguarding Partnerships view on Conversion Practice.
  • Makes recommendations on how this work can be implemented.

Read the position statement here


The strategic leaders of the Partnership are:

  • Sheffield City Council
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group

SCSP Executive Group Induction Pack


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