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SPRING 24 UPDATES: We are updating our website. Please use the search bar if you can’t find the information you need or contact SCSP to make recommendations for updates.

Early Years Safeguarding News, Events and Training

January 2024

Please note: The documents on the Early Years pages are being reviewed in line with the new EYFS Frameworks (4.1.24). It will be clearly indicated when a document has been reviewed. Please note the review process will be taking place over the Spring period 2024.

News: If you have not yet accessed the refreshed Early Years training offer then please do. The training is FREE and the details are here: Early Years Safeguarding Sheffield Training Offer. We are keen that as many settings as possible access our training as it is tailored to our children's needs in Sheffield.

We offer:

  • A Universal (Basic) Safeguarding Training course
  • A Designated Safeguarding Lead and Designated Safeguarding Deputies training course
  • Termly DSL/D and managers safeguarding briefings
  • Dates for the above training have been sent out to settings to book on.


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