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The Education pages have been comprehensively reviewed and are now up to date ready for the academic year 2023-24.  Content will be added and up dated through out the year as necessary.  Any further changes will be communicated to Headteachers and DSLs via email and DSL network meetings.

Your Safeguarding Policy:

Use this checklist to support the writing of the safeguarding policy for your setting;

Safeguarding Practice Resources: 

Posters and Leaflets:

Key Links and Signposting: 

Adult Safeguarding

Information & resources section

specific safeguarding issues relating to children, young people, their family & community


Mental Ill-health

Children Missing Education

Neglect and the Graded Care Profile 2

Domestic Abuse

SCSP Jargon buster

Drug & Alcohol Misuse

Sexualised Behaviour

Early Help, Thresholds of Need and FCAF

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Extremism & Radicalisation

Student Well-Being Resource - Learn Sheffield

Faith Abuse

Substance Misuse Service Leaflets

    SCC Children and Families Service Pages: 

    Amber Service

    Childrens Social Care (contact details)

    Sheffield Directory

    Family Intervention Service (formerly known as MAST)

    Referring a Safeguarding Concern to Children's Social Care


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