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LAC Designated Teachers

Since September 2009 the governing bodies of all maintained schools have been required under the Children and Young Persons Act 2008 to appoint a Looked After Children (LAC) Designated Teacher to promote the educational achievement of all looked after and previously looked after children who are on their school roll.

The LAC Designated Teacher has lead responsibility for helping staff understand how looked after and previously looked after children and young people learn and achieve, by:

  • Promoting high expectations & aspirations

  • Making sure the young person has a voice

  • Advising staff

  • Ensuring the child or young person is prioritised and that carers support learning at home

  • Having lead responsibility for the development and implementation of the personal education plan (PEP)

The governing body must ensure that the LAC Designated Teacher undertakes appropriate training and reports to them about the role.

The government guidance can be found here:

Training and support for LAC Designated Teachers is delivered through the LAC Virtual School Sheffield, tel. 0114 203 7790 or email: virtualschool@sheffield.gov.uk


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