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Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector Safeguarding Children Training

Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector staff training

The Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) recommends that all staff (paid workers and volunteers) working with children and young people in Sheffield who require introductory level safeguarding children training undertake the free SCSP e-learning course: Level 3 Safeguarding Children Training (previously Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core)All staff - paid workers and volunteers - working with children and young people in Sheffield are able to access the free SCSP e-learning course: Level 3 Safeguarding Children Training.

This course is likely to meet the needs of most staff/ volunteers working in the VCF sector. However anyone with a safeguarding lead role should also attend the 1 day multi-agency Working Together to Safeguard Children Course

Following the Working Together course, practitioners are welcome to attend any multi-agency training events including courses, conferences and lunchtime seminars – details of these are available on the SCSP multi-agency training page

In-house Safeguarding Training

The SCSP also provides an ‘off the shelf’ Safeguarding Children Introductory Course for practitioners working in the voluntary/community/faith sector. This can be delivered in-house by voluntary/community/faith sector staff. However, before providing this course in house it is strongly recommended that staff delivering the course attend the above Working Together to Safeguard Children Course

This in-house programme aims to provide practitioners with an understanding of the responsibilities under key pieces of legislation and associated guidance, and provides the background and context to safeguarding procedures in Sheffield.   The training presentation, trainer notes and participants handbook can be downloaded from the links below: .

For further information and resources please see:  www.safeguardingsheffieldchildren.org/sscb/safeguarding-information-and-resources/resources-for-the-voluntary-community-and-faith-sector


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If you are concerned about a child or young person, follow this link: Referring a safeguarding concern to Children’s Social Care

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