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In the summer term of 2019 we did a short survey with schools that had been inspected in 2018-19 in Sheffield to find out what was discussed. This is summarised here: Sheffield Schools Inspections, June 19

Ofsted have issued a new inspection framework which will begin in September 2019. Here is a link to the Ofsted page with more information: Ofsted Inspection Guidance from September 2019

The new guidance from Ofsted is listed here with links:

The 2 key national documents that Ofsted inspections work to in relation to safeguarding children are:

If you think you may be due an inspection please contact your Safeguarding Children Advisor, Education and arrange for one of us to come to your setting to help you to complete an 'Ofsted ready' visit. Our details are in the mustard tab to the right of the screen.


In the last year we have emailed some useful research to the safeguarding teams in Sheffield education settings. Here are links to the key documents:


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