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Tools and Resources

Tools and resources have been developed in Sheffield to support services and practitioners working to lessen the impact on children of drug and alcohol misuse within their household by:

  • identifying households where there are issues relating to drug and alcohol misuse
  • intervening appropriately at an early stage to try to reduce the need for more intensive interventions at a later stage

Some of the documents available to download at the bottom of this page have been designed specifically for use by professionals working within Substance Misuse Services in Sheffield.  Other's can be used by any professional working with children and families where there is drug and alcohol misuse within the household.  Various information leaflets for parents and professionals have been developed and are available to download from this website.

User Consultation

User Consultation is undertaken regularly to ensure that service users are aware of changes within system, processes and practice relating to safeguarding children and drug and alcohol misuse.  This also ensures that the service users voices and views are incorporated into work undertaken in Sheffield.

Learning from Serious Case Reviews

Learning from National Serious Case Reviews (where substance misuse has been a factor) is useful in highlighting Good Practice in Sheffield as well as areas for improvement.

Resources for Substance Misuse Services

Resources for use by any professional working with children and their families

SCSP policies & protocols:

 E-learning for staff:

To access this course, follow the link above, 'self-register' and then you can start straight away. 

Multi-agency training:


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