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Designated Safeguarding Leads & Deputies

The Training Pathway (available in the mustard box on the right of this page) for Designated Safeguarding Leads & Deputies includes:

  • Advanced INITIAL Safeguarding Children in Education Training
  • Advanced REFRESHER Safeguarding Children in Education Training annually
  • Signs of Safety Training
  • Prevent Training
  • Working Together: promoting well-being and keeping children safe (multi-agency)
  • Conferences and Core Groups (multi-agency)

Advanced INITIAL Safeguarding Children in Education:

For the academic year 2022-23 the Advanced Initial training courses will all be delivered face-to-face.

Please note that the 2022-23 courses are being delivered a day a week over two weeks, rather than on two sequential days. This is in response to course evaluation feedback.

Before you complete this training you must have completed the face-to-face Basic/Whole-School Safeguarding Children in Education Training with Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) within the last 3 years or the e-learning Safeguarding in Education between March 2020 and July 2021.

To take on the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Deputy role this 2 day training must be completed with the SCSP through the Quality Assurance & Involvement Service (QAIS). If you have trained in a different Local Authority you must complete this training with the SCSP to ensure you understand Sheffield safeguarding policies and procedures.

This course is also useful for pastoral and support staff with safeguarding responsibilities.

The course programme will consider legislation and practice guidance to understand the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead and deputy and to develop confidence to work in partnership with other agencies and professionals to support children and their families with safeguarding & child protection issues. 

The course is free for maintained schools and academies. There is a charge for 'free' and independent school staff attending. 

2022-23 training:

    Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 19th October 2022, 9:15am-3:15pm 

    Wednesday 9th and Thursday 17th November 2022, 9:15am-3:15pm

    Thursday 1st and Friday 9th December 2022, 9:15am-3:15pm

    Monday 16th and Tuesday 24th January 2023, 9:15am-3:15pm

     ** NEW DATE ** Monday 20th February and Wednesday 1st March,

    9:15am-3:15pm ** NEW DATE **

    Wednesday 8th and Friday 17th March 2023, 9:15am-3:15pm

    Thursday 20th and Friday 28th April 2023, 9:15am-3:15pm

    Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 28th June 2023, 9:15am-3:15pm

    To apply for a place on one of the above dates please use this booking form:  Advanced Initial Safeguarding Children in Education 22-23 (Face to Face)

    All training enquiries: safeguardingchildrentraining@sheffield.gov.uk

    Advanced REFRESHER Safeguarding Children in Education:

    In Sheffield, Designated Safeguarding Lead's and Deputies (DSL/D's) must attend this half-day training each year to keep up to date with safeguarding developments. The annual refresher programme will highlight topical safeguarding & child protection issues & changes in legislation, procedure and practice.

    For the academic year 2022-23 some sessions of the Advanced Refresher courses will be delivered face-to-face in a central location, venue TBC and other sessions will remain virtual.  The content will be the same and you are free to choose whichever you would prefer.

    Where staff choose to attend virtually they will need to access the training via a computer or laptop in a private room.

    Each date below has a morning OR an afternoon session to attend, i.e. 8:45–12:15pm OR 1–4.30 pm.

    Dates for 2022-23:

    Friday 21st October, face to face
    Friday 25th November, face to face
    Monday 12th December, face to face
    Thursday 26th January, face to face
    Thursday 9th February, face to face
    Monday 6th March, face to face
    Wednesday 22nd march, virtual
    Wednesday 3rd May, virtual
    Tuesday 23rd May, virtual
    Monday 5th June, virtual
    Friday 30th June, face to face
    Tuesday 4th July, virtual

    To apply for a place on one of the above dates please use this booking form: Advanced Refresher Safeguarding Children in Education Training 22-23

    All training enquiries: safeguardingchildrentraining@sheffield.gov.uk

    (N.B If you do not receive an automated response e-mail within a few minutes of submitting your application, please contact us immediately as your application may not have been successful.  We have been made aware that security settings within some establishments are blocking this process.

    Recent investigations have also indicated that some information/e-mail addresses may have been entered incorrectly please ensure this information is correct before clicking submit.  We only know there is a problem if you contact us.

    Safeguarding Under 5's in Schools Training:

    This training is only for Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputies (DSL/D's) and Foundation Stage Leads in schools with pupils who are under 5 years old.

    The training will provide an understanding of the mandatory safeguarding & welfare requirements in the EYFS Framework 2021.

    The EYFS Statutory Framework was updated in September 2021 and our Under 5s course was updated and launched in October 2021. We encourage all DSL/Ds and EYFS Leads to attend this course to keep up to date with changes to the safeguarding requirements for EYFS. If this course has been attended since October 2021 it does not need to be repeated. 

    Dates & times for 2022-23:

    Friday 14th October 2022, 8:45am for 9:00am - 12:00pm
    ** NEW DATE ** Friday 20th January 8:45am for 9:00am - 12.00pm ** NEW DATE **
    Tuesday 7th February 2023, 8:45am for 9:00am - 12:00pm
    Thursday 25th May 2023 12:45pm for 1.00pm-4.00pm

    To apply for a place on one of the above dates please use this booking form: Safeguarding Under 5's in Schools 2022-23 (Online)

    Multi-Agency Training:

    Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputies are required to complete:

    The SCSP also provides a variety of multi-agency training, workshops and seminars which include: adult mental health; parents in prison; parents who are drug or alcohol misusers; neglect; working with uncooperative families, and more.

    For further information and to apply for a place on one of the courses, go to: Multi-Agency Training

    Prevent Training:

    • Designated Safeguarding Leads & Deputies must complete the Leadership Prevent Briefing via Learn Sheffield and provide staff briefings etc for their setting

    • Other staff can complete the e-learning on Prevent or other appropriately sourced training

    For further enquiries please email: Prevent Briefing


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