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Safeguarding in Licensing Training Support Materials

Welcome to the Safeguarding in Licensing Training and Support Page, here you can book places on our multi agency safeguarding training.  The training is designed for the business community, and you can download supporting materials to help you with your safeguarding responsibilities.

What is the Multi Agency Safeguarding Training?

The training is provided by the Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership and includes sessions by South Yorkshire Police and Trading Standards.  Together we explore safeguarding risk management in business settings such as shops, bars, pubs, takeaways, cafes, events, night clubs, sport and entertainment venues and a range of other places where children and young people go.  Topics include:

  • your legal and social responsibilities and partnership work (licensed/unlicensed businesses)
  • managing risk around alcohol and other age restricted products
  • what happens if things go wrong: the consequences of breaking the law; due diligence and protecting your business
  • children who work/volunteer/perform
  • providing a family friendly environment
  • substance misuse
  • harmful gambling
  • child criminal and sexual exploitation
  • police violent incident protocol
  • drink spiking. 
  • How to develop your safeguarding risk management plan
  • The role of the safeguarding lead/coordinator
  • How to report safeguarding concerns

We will also bring you up to date with partnership campaigns in the city.  There’s no cost, the training is free of charge; it runs quarterly and is provided online. If you would like to book places, please click here Licensing training you will be required to register on the booking system.

Support materials

If you would like to download resources to help you with your safeguarding risk management plan, the guidance materials below are available to download, free of charge. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the training or your safeguarding responsibilities further please contact the Safeguarding Licensing Manager at SCSP Safeguarding Licensing SCSPsafeguardinglicensing@sheffield.gov.uk  

Information resources

Template documents for logging information

Leaflets and posters 


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