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Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership

Child Protection and Licensing Task Group

The Child Protection and Licensing Task Group (CPLTG) is a partnership group that meets to discuss issues relating to children at licensed premises and identify ways to support licensees to provide a safer environment for children.

The Group is chaired by the Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) Licensing Manager and is attended by representatives from enforcement agencies and operators licensed under the Gambling Act 2005 and Licensing Act 2003.

Purpose of the task group

  • The group aims to identify ways to promote effective risk management in relation to safeguarding children and young people who live, socialise, work or perform at licensed premises, or events.
  • The group aims to respond to needs identified with the licensed trade, to produce information and resources that are practical to help licensees to provide a family friendly environment and improve understanding of safeguarding issues.

Membership and functioning of the group

  •  The group comprises of licensees/Designated Premises Supervisors, enforcement agencies and trade bodies and welcomes diversity.
  • Additional individuals will be invited to attend, or consulted about specific issues.
  • The SCSP Licensing Manager will chair the meetings.
  • Meetings are called in response to identified need.

For further information please contact the Licensing Managers: SCSPsafeguardinglicensing@sheffield.gov.uk


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Licensing Act 2003